With Enterprise Services modeling at its core, eZPlanner is a modern reimagined data driven platform to advance your BCM program towards achieving enterprise resiliency.

eZPlanner helps you define your resiliency objectives, conduct current capability assessments, identify gaps, implement process improvement, and validate resumption strategies.

A secure, scalable, and easy-to-use platform, eZPlanner is focused on addressing the resiliency challenges of enterprises today.

Resiliency Platform

eZPlanner is a role-based platform for various stakeholders to collaborate for building a practical enterprise resiliency program.

It’s a purpose-built software incorporating features such as Services Modeling, BIA workflows, Resumption Strategy & Plan Development, Exercising & Simulation, Integrated Notification and Graphical Dashboards.

Facilitating real-time data integration from authoritative sources, including HR, IT, Vendor Management, ERP and FMC, will ensure integrity and currency of your resiliency program.

eZPlanner is available both as a cloud-hosted or on-premise solution.

eZPlanner includes all tools. No hidden costs.

  • BIA, risk assessment, process modeling
  • Plan templates
  • Scenario simulation, test & exercise module
  • Automated workflow
  • Integrated notification
  • Integrated Google Maps
  • Management reporting including dashboards
Unlimited product support and FREE eZPlanner upgrades.

Hit the ground running with QuickStart

QuickStart services include:

  • Program goal-setting and timelines
  • eZPlanner configuration and setup
  • Data automation - HR, IT asset DB, Vendors
  • Migrate BIA, BCP, DR Plans
  • Setup BIA survey, Plan Templates
  • Create test, exercise scenarios
  • Management reporting including dashboards
  • Administrators Train-the-Trainer