Our newest product is the latest packaged solution with tools to support the complete BCM lifecycle. Included are all utilities for planning, simulation & test validation and tools for overall program management. eZP is optimized for the occasional business user while fortified for management decision-making with all new graphical dashboards. Packaged with a ‘no surprise’ all-inclusive cost that includes AWS Cloud-hosted access, product support and assistance to migrate from you a legacy system.

eBRP Solutions

eBRP Solutions is considered a thought leader in the BCM industry. Process Modeling was adopted as the foundation of our legacy product, eBRP Suite, to provide actionable intelligence to management and incident commanders. eBRP Suite is deployed by many leading fortune enterprises, financial institutions, federal agencies, healthcare and utility companies to support their enterprise resiliency programs.



eBRP’s management team is lead by Ramesh Warrier who has more than 25 years of Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Management experience. A graduate of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT/K) he is a much sought-after speaker and presenter at the various BC/DR industry conferences.