Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis

Preparedness requires a thorough understanding of the possible impacts and likelihood of any disruption. eZP incorporates Process Modeling at the very core to facilitate dynamic impact analysis and 9-step risk-assessment.

The BIA, conducted using surveys, will auto-generate criticality, RTO and other impact parameters.

The integrated Google Map and crisis event feeds provide real-time situational awareness.

The Impact Dashboard facilitates incident simulation and management "What if?" analysis.



Plans in eZP are a set of sequenced tasks which generate a GANTT chart and creates an actionable playbook. Plans can incorporate attachments, web-links, checklists, and linkages to other Plans.

Create Plans from the included Plan Templates such as BCP, IT DR, CMP, Pandemic Response or Cyber Security CSIRP. In short, eZP helps you create Plans to respond to any business disruptions.

Testing & Simulation

eZP CommandCenter (CC), is a simulation utility, where Plan(s) and Scenarios can be activated to validate the flow of tasks and discover any gaps in the Plans.

The Incident Dashboard provides real-time graphical snapshots of the incident response status.

Monitor, in real-time, the recovery status of various assets & services, identify roadblocks and speed-bumps that can impact the overall recovery time.



A BCM program is a large collaborative effort that should unite and coordinate all stakeholders, lines of businesses, departments, and cost centers. Data collected within the BCM utility can provide many enterprise-level insights that might not be evident at first glance.

eZP’s 300+ reports provide BCM Management’s most requested reports. These reports are generated dynamically, on-demand and can be filtered and customized as desired.

Graphical dashboards and included Google Maps are designed to engage Sr. management and decision makers. Standard dashboards included are Impact, Incident, Statistical and geo-tagged assets on maps. All dashboards are interactive and dynamic.

Program Maintenance

Data Automation ensures that the data driving the BCM intelligence is maintained and current. Periodic data feeds update everything from employees, IT assets and dependencies, even supplier and vendors.

eZP includes a workflow engine that is designed to ensure currency and integrity of the BCM program. The email-based workflow can be used to initiate a BIA, BCP reviews or an IT DR test.