Instant Availability

eZPlanner, is available as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted service. The AWS hosting can be deployed on demand and a new instance can be made available in a few hours. The deployment includes SSO user authentication, data backup & archiving and geographically separate multi-site DR instances.

BIA Survey Templates

Out-of-the box, eZP includes BIA questionnaire / survey which can be customizable with user defined pick-lists. Users can create any number of BIA questionnaires / surveys with varying number of survey questions and different response pick-lists. On completion of the survey, the BIA parameters such as RTO, Criticality & RPO are automatically generated based on a customizable RTO-Generator. Included Approval Workflow ensures that the generated BIA parameters are approved by senior staff.

BC /DR Plan Templates

eZP includes commonly used plan templates for Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Crisis Management, and Pandemic response. Plan Templates are user customizable and can be enhanced with embedding documents such as .docx, .xlsx, and .pdf. eZP admins can edit, add, change, & delete any template in eZP. These templates can be copied and reused to create BCPs. This feature helps in standardizing BC Plans across the enterprise.

Migrating legacy BCPs

eZP’s solutions package includes assistance in migrating your existing BCP artifacts. eZP’s product support team will assist in migrating existing BIAs, BCPs, Teams, Call-Trees and associated data / information. As part of the migration, product experts will recommend leveraging eZP features, such as review date notification, approval workflow, automated data integration ...etc, to enhance the existing BC Plans, BIAs, BCM policies & procedures.