300+ Standard Reports

All the reports you need to support your BCM program and then some more. One-click reports generated on-demand accessible to all eZP users. Reports on BIA, Dependencies, BCPs, Program Management, Statistics, Gaps, Audit trails, Workflows, Notification.

User Customization

All reports are customizable by end-user at the time of report generation. Chose to include, hide sort fields as desired. Reporting can be generated at the level of a BIA or across the department or the Enterprise.

Multi-Format Output

Once the report is generated, the user can save the output in PDF, XLSX, RTF, TXT, HTML formats for presentation and/or for post-processing.

Graphics & Dashboards

Google Maps, included, provides a global view of your sites, people, business operations, vendors and IT assets. Upstream-downstream dependencies, BCP/DRP Gantt Charts, Alternate Workarea layouts, Plan & Program Statical Dashbpard provide real-time view of your BCM program for managers & regulators/auditors.